Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Bloglovin' Follower Challenge | Summer Series

This month Bloglovin' are doing a follower challenge for all blogs under 10, 000 followers. 

The top three blogs who gain the most followers will be featured in the Bloglovin' feed and blog.

They're doing it to help promote and find new up-and-coming blogs.
Now, I know I have a very modest amount of followers, but I thought this would be a great opportunity to get some new readers as well as share the blog love.

So in response to this follower challenge, I thought I would help entice new followers, by not only posting every Monday in August, but every WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY too. That's a whole 200% more! I'm calling it Summer Series.

I'm very excited to be getting my blog on three times a week.

I also want to show my support to other bloggers in this category, so any one who comments on this post, my instagram or twitter with their blog link during the month of august and follows my blog I will follow your blog too.

I hope you are looking forward to all my additional posts in August and I'm looking forward to checking out all your blog recommendations!

Happy blogging!


Are you  participating in the Bloglovin' follower challenge?

Let me know below.

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