Thursday, 21 November 2013

Affordable Home made Christmas Presents: Cranberry and Lime Vodka

This isn't really a post I would normally do on my blog, but with that time of year coming up, who isn't up for a penny saving present idea?

This is an excellent, and inexpensive gift to give to friends as a festive little treat. And 'cause you've made it yourself it gives it a special touch, full of Christmas spirit and love.

What You Will Need
(My recipe if for 3 bottles at 500ml each)

3 Sterilised Bottles/ Containers which wont leak (£2.99 each Butlers)
3 Limes (30p each Sainsbury)
2 x 300g bag Cranberries (£2 each Sainsbury)
1l Bottle Vodka (£10 (on offer) Sainsbury)
3tbsp Sugar (from cupboard)
Ribbon to tie around top (£1.99 for 3m Butlers)

A word of warning, this process requires the use of a sharp knife, so please take care whilst using it.

(also, don't buy alcohol, if you are not of age in the Country you are in, 18 in the UK)

First, prick holes in the cranberries, with the tip of a knife, which is a little tedious, but it will get a better flavour in the end. I did it whilst listening to some Christmas songs to get me in the festive mood.

Next fill 1/3 of each bottle with the cranberries, then with a sharp knife slice the peel off the limes.


Then put a limes-worth of lime peel in each bottle or container.

And you've guessed it, fill the rest of the container up with the remaining cranberries...

Carefully pour 1tbsp of sugar into each container, you may have to do a little at a time, and bang the bottle on a firm surface to get it to fall down so it doesn't overflow at the top.

Then pour in the vodka. I would highly recommend doing it with a funnel, or from a measuring jug if you have a steady hand.

Each 500ml bottle took about 300ml of vodka once full of cranberries, lime and sugar.

Seal securely, and shake very well to disperse the sugar.

Don't they look yummy. Mmm, alcohol...

Let them ferment for a minimum of two weeks (and up to 2 months) shaking every couple of days to ensure the sugar dissolves.

I plan to use these to decorate them nearer Christmas, (£1.99 for two sheets from Butlers) and a big ol' bow.

What money saving tips do you have for Christmas?

What do you think of home made Christmas gifts?

...Would you like to see other Affordable Home Made Christmas Presents I am planning on making?