Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dairy Disappointed

I have unfortunately suffered from what can only be described as 'problem' skin a bloody big problem since I was about eleven, and although I have tried many, many treatments from creams and ointments from the drugstore, to prescribed topical lotions, and pills, even Roaccutane (which I would not recommend to anyone) from my GP and Dermatologist. 

It has luckily got considerably better since my teenage years, only 'breaking out' during that time of the month, but the red bumps and soreness have never diminished *sigh*.

Recently I have considerably upped my game when it comes to my skin care routine, which I will divulge into later in my blog, and through my exhaustive research into what products are most effective for treating and nourishing blemished skin, is what you put into your body effects whats on the outside of your body too, i.e your skin!

This may seem like common sense 'eat greasy food, have greasy skin', but I'm not talking about that, I've seen many bloggers exclaiming how much their skin has improved once they removed dairy from their diet.

Humans are the only animals who consume the milk of another animal (whether it be a cow, goat etc) which is kind of gross, considering it's purpose is for baby calves. And the possible reason for it causing acne (urgh, there, I said that dreaded word) is from a natural hormone that the Mumma cows produce. A natural hormone for COWS, not humans!

I really don't want to become one of those people who avoid eating certain things because of something the read on the internet, which they weren't allergic too, and I'm not preaching to everyone to start a dairy free way of life, as it's not necessary for most people. But for me desperate times calls for desperate measures, and I am now going to embark on a dairy/milk free diet.

Here are some cute pictures of cows, as I don't want them to feel unloved!

Whats the most extreme thing you've done to get better skin or hair? 
What are your top tips for perfect skin?

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