Monday, 29 June 2015

Staying Matte

Ever found searching for a foundation for your oily/ combination/ blemished skin hard?

Everyone's skin is different, so what might work for one person may not for another. I've always found recommendations a good place to start, so I'm going to share with you some of the foundations I have used.

Sometimes it's nice to look back at existing products too, as so often blogs focus on new releases, and we don't get introduced to current products which may be super for you!

This is not exhaustive of all the foundations I have tried, but a small selection I got along with :)

One of the first foundations I tried was bareMinerals. Which is very popular among all different skin types. 

The coverage is buildable (medium-full), and because it's mineral it does feel light weight on the skin. When I initially tried it I really liked it, but I do prefer liquid foundations now.  It's not ideal to travel with, or even have in your hand bag as it is a loose powder; although I'm sure bareMinerals have a suitable alternative for that now.


Then I moved on to Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Foundation. This was when I was trying to combat my blemishes from every angle!

It's a medium coverage, needless to say matte finish. I can't say I noticed any improvement of my blemishes from solely this foundation, but it didn't harm.

I started using Clarins Ever Matte as I liked that it had an SPF 15 (which as far as I'm aware none of the other foundations have any SPF)** and before, I was wearing their Everlasting foundation and I wanted to try to wear less coverage and 'show more skin', as at the time I was still trying to improve my blemishes and acne scars.

I do still wear this foundation, more day to day, as it's a medium coverage as well as occasionally the Everlasting+ Foundation (they reformulated it and it's much nicer). Ever Matte is oil free, which is a plus point for many people with an oily skin looking for a foundation.


The newest addition to my foundation is Smashbox Studio Skin. This is the least matte of all of them, but still enough so that an oily skin could wear and it wouldn't melt off your skin. This foundation is also oil free, and medium-full coverage.

I've never worn a foundation that promises 15/ 18/ 24 hour wear and actually got that many hours out of it. Definately not on my T-zone anyway. And who has foundation on twenty four hours anyway? Gross.

I do however, take the fact that it's long lasting to mean it will stay on my skin a reasonable amount of time. Some people may be luckier.


**Now I use a separate SPF over my moisturiser, so having a SPF in a foundation isn't a key factor for me any more

I hope that gives you a few suggestions of what foundations to try for an oilier skin

Let me know what foundations you have used for your skin type

Monday, 22 June 2015

Minis #1

Over the last few weeks we seem to have accumulated a lot of trial size/ mini products/ samples.

So it would make sense to give them all a whirl and give a brief description of what we thought.

I'm not using we as the royal we, it's because some of the minis were given to my husband when he brought his own products, so he's going to review them for you.


Exfoliating Body Scrub For Smooth Skin

We took this body scrub on honeymoon as Rob hates the buildup on suncream, and I exfoliate anyway so used this one while we were away.
I found it a little harsh, which I can imagine some people would prefer, I ended up mixing it with a body wash to 'dilute' it.
Would I buy full size product: No

Foot Beauty Treatment Cream

I seem to be given foot cream quite often as a gift, is it something about me? As I've said previously my body routine isn't the best (which I'm trying to change- keep posted for an update), but everyone likes a little foot treat now and again. I didn't like this as much as the hand cream, but it did leave my feet feeling soft and I like that it didn't smell of peppermint like so many foot creams do!
Would I buy full size product: Would be nice as a gift (!) but not with my own money

Relax Oil and Bath and Shower Concentrate

I'm not the biggest fan of the smell (basil, lavender and chamomile) but it works better in the oil, which was nice to apply to my décolleté before bed to relax you- hence the name. The glass bottle also looks lovely on your dresser, even though it was a free gift.
The bath and shower concentrate I probably wouldn't use everyday, I'd be prone to use it solely in the bath when I needed to destress.
Would I buy full size product: Oil possibly, Bath and Shower No

Tonic Bath and Shower Concentrate 

I much preferred the smell of this bath and shower (mint and rosemary) as I have used the oil version of this product too. It's very uplifting and great to give a zing to your morning shower.
Would I buy full size product: Possibly (It's pricey for a shower wash)


These are the products Rob used, so here he is making his PFOBP debut, I'll pass over to him...

Damage Reparing and Rehydrating Conditioner

More of a weekly product for myself. And only used on my facial hair. Very nice on the skin and hair with a good scent. Leaves the hair feeling very nourished and soft.
Would you buy full size product: Yes

Oil Eliminator Refreshing Shine Control Toner For Men

I really liked. No residue and goes unnoticed to the skin.
Would you buy full size product: Yes

Oil Eliminator Deep Cleansing Exfoliator Face Wash For Men

Very middle road, no complaints, nothing special either. Prefer others like Clinique or Clarins.
I don't think I've made him biased
Would you buy full size product: No

Ultra Facial Moisturiser SPF 30

I really was not a fan. A very dense texture and struggled to absorb into the skin unless it was done in tiny amounts. Very unfriendly around the eye area, easily gets into the eye causing hours of watering / stinging.
Would you buy full size product: No


I'm not familiar with any of L'Occitane's products, so this was the first time I'd tried any!

Shampooing Shampoo and Aprés-Shampooing Conditioner

Both contain 5 essential oils (angelica, lavender, geranium, ylang ylang and sweet orange). Both I think are rubbish. The shampoo smelt like fairy liquid and the conditioner felt greasy and wasn't very good at well, conditioning.
Would I buy full size product: No

Lavender Body Lotion

I was not a fan of this either. The texture was really runny, and it didn't feel nourishing and it smelt like heath food shops, and not cool ones like Whole Foods.
Would I buy full size product: No

Cleansing and Softening Body Oil

This, if any, was the only product that I liked from L'Occitane. The oil was nice and rich and turned into a milky lather when added to water. The smell wasn't offensive, and left me as soft as you could expect a body wash too.
Would I buy full size product: Probably not

What samples/ minis have you had recently?

Have they ever made you buy the full size version?

Monday, 15 June 2015


Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment

Although my skincare routine and I are at an unusual affinity right now, my skin felt like it needed a bit of a boost. (I said it wouldn't be long until my routine changed!)

So I had myself a little moochy online.

I actually came across this brand from Caroline Hirons Cult Beauty Box

before you ask, no I didn't get one. I'm not made of money.

So I knew they were a reputable brand, never the less, I always do my research, reading loads of reviews on different sites - you have to when products cost so much!

I always take everything with a pinch of salt, because in my experience some products can work wonders on some peoples skin, and not so much on others...

... and then I clicked the 'add to basket' button and the rest is history.

One of my favourite things is when your delievery arrives (it's like a present to you, from you) and you get to open the packaging.

Products always get extra kudos for complements.

It was much titchyier than I thought, especially from the outer packaging (I also had the same experience with the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm- anyone else?)

But I know better than any one that great things come in small packages

It was a runnier texture than other clay masks I have used, and smelled delightfully similar to Clarins Skin Beauty Repair.

Kind of spearmint, kind of liquorice.

It started tingling straight away, which felt cooling, but there was also a warm sensation too. Nothing unpleasant though.

It recommends leaving it on between five and twenty minutes, so naturally I left it on for 20, by which time it had practically all set.

So if you've made it this far I guess you want to know whats in it to make it a SUPERMUD

Glycolic acid-  Helps improve skin texture
Salicylic acid-  Helps de-clog to minimise pores
Lactic acid-  Evens skin tone and firms skin
Mandelic acid- Helps ageing skin and skin elasticity
Pyruvic acid-  Helps the effects of scarring
Teaoxi-  Eucalyptol, Linalool oil and Flavonoids (I'm as stumped as you- That's Hollywood, baby)
Activated-X- Vacuum-Carbon Extraction
K-17 Clay-  Extreme toxin encapsulation
Licorice root- Helps regulate problem skin (do americans spell it different?)
Peppermint plant-  Helps irritation
Eucalyptus leaf- Helps complications

It also has; chamomile, marigold, comfrey herb, aloe vera, ivy and cucumber

It definately has enough ingredients to justify the price tag.

So claims, consumer studies and cost aside, what did I think...

I liked it! Although the clay did entirely dry, my skin didn't feel shrivelled up afterwards. It felt deeply clean, smoother, calmed and refreshed.

I've been using it for a month now and have been impressed with the results each time. I can definitely notice an improvement in my skin.

My pores appear unclogged and therefore smaller (something I thought would never happen) the redness in my acne scars has reduced and calmed. It also seems to stop imminent spots in their tracks.

I definately reccommend this product if it's within your budget, I've already got several friends hooked on the supermud hype.

What are your favourite masks to use?

What products do you use when your skin needs a boost?

Monday, 8 June 2015

Packaging Peeves | Smashbox 24 hour CC Concealer

Isn't it really annoying when you love a product, but the packaging doesn't do it justice?

Either you waste loads of product, can't get it all out or it's impossible to deliver the correct amount.

Why do you do this to us Beauty Industry. Why? WHY?!

On my hit list today is Smashbox 24 hour CC spot concealer.

I don't know what I can do to stop the product splurging out every time I reinsert the applicator.

The design is similar to liquid eyeliners, but obviously a different consistency.

I feel like I wipe away more product after each use than I initially put on my face.

I've even taken to using my own concealer brush and using the splurged product instead of the intended applicator as to not waste product.

What packaging is currently peeving you off?

Monday, 1 June 2015

Bobbi in the Carribean

Bobbi Brown has done the wonderful thing of creating a blusher-bronzer for a fair skin.

If I ever meet her she deserves my eternal gratitude and I will probably kiss the ground she walks on.

No more orangey tones and tangoed faces!

They are beautiful, gorgeous, sublime pink shimmery shades, called Antigua and Bermuda.

Antigua is the soft, dusky pink with silver flecks.

Bermuda is a warmer, bronzier, golden pink.

My pictures don't do the colours much justice, but you get a good idea of the sunshine radiance this is going to add to your face, even if you don't tan.

It's very pigmented and blends beautifully, so a little goes a long way

Below I have Bermuda on.

It's definately become a new favourite product and I'm going to enjoy wearing it over the summer months without having fair skin guilt.

Thank you Bobbi Brown.
My Hero.

What summer products are you loving at the moment?

Do you embrace your natural skin tone, or tan it up?