Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Who To Follow | Instagram Edition | Summer Series

In theme of the Bloglovin' Follower Competition I thought I would share with you who I follow on Social Media. 

Some will be beauty and skincare related, but not all.

I always welcome new recommendations too!
This week it's the Instagram Edition.

The Way We Met  is a really lovely Insta account sharing stories of how people met their significant other. 
 They always seem to perk up my day when they appear in my feed and it's a nice reminder than it's the little things in life that make it all worth it.

Beauty By The Geeks are a great Insta account and blog to follow. They're all about busting beauty myths and putting product ingredients to the test to see if they do what they promise.

I came across their account because they liked one of my photos. I always have a browse of peoples accounts when they like my photos, as I find it's a good way to find new people to follow!

Hot Dudes With Dogs is a fairly shallow account to follow, I will admit. But it's hard to say know to fluffy puppies, especially if they are accompanied with a rather attractive male friend. 

It's all a bit of tongue in cheek, and is just one of many dog Instagrams I follow.


How do you find new Instagram accounts to follow?

Will you be following any of my suggestions?


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