Friday, 7 August 2015

No More Biscuit Smell? | Vita Liberata Untinted Self Tan Lotion | Summer Series

Summer is now well and truly upon us and sales of sunscreen and ice cream are soaring (well definately sunscreen, the weather hasn't been great), and due to the Great British weather being as fickle as English folk, when the sun does decide to come out, and we want to bare our skin we may not look like the bronzed goddess we were hoping too.

Enter: Self Tans.

Up until recently, I hadn't delved into the world of self tans, and I still am a pale girl at heart. But it's not going to harm to have a little dabble.

As with most products I try, I do a bit of research see what other people think from reviews and blog posts. What's a hit and what's a miss.

In the end I went for this Vita Liberata Gradual Build Lotion.

It appealed to me because it was a buildable tan so I wouldn't have legs five tones darker than the rest of my body over night.

It's also untinted/ colourless, so the product wont transfer onto clothes, sheets, underwear etc.

And supposedly it's completely odourless.

It also states that it's:
Quick and easy to apply
Dries on contact
'Moisture-lock" system for 72 hour hydration
Marine and organic botanicals extracts create natural looking tan
and a perfect and totally natural fade

So how did it match up?

I agree, it was easy to apply, just like any other moisturiser, but I applied sparingly to elbows, knees ankles etc - basic self tanning 101.

It also is very quickly absorbed. This is a pro and con. Good because I don't like feeling sticky and like to get dressed promptly after applying any body product, but not so good as I worried it was not spread evenly prompting me to use possibly more product than necessary to avoid getting streaks.

The tan I achieved was a lovely colour, not to orange or yellowy, and it left my skin feeling soft and smoothed. Unfortunately it definately wasn't odourless, but probably significantly less than self tans I have used in the past. The smell weirdly reminded me of Chinese food, I don't know what that says about my sense of smell... or my local take out.

For a brand I hadn't heard of before, I was pleasantly surprised by this product. I would repurchase, although I'm a sucker for new products and as this will probably get me through the rest of this summer, I imagine something else will catch my eye next year.


What self tans do you love to use?


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