Monday, 1 June 2015

Bobbi in the Carribean

Bobbi Brown has done the wonderful thing of creating a blusher-bronzer for a fair skin.

If I ever meet her she deserves my eternal gratitude and I will probably kiss the ground she walks on.

No more orangey tones and tangoed faces!

They are beautiful, gorgeous, sublime pink shimmery shades, called Antigua and Bermuda.

Antigua is the soft, dusky pink with silver flecks.

Bermuda is a warmer, bronzier, golden pink.

My pictures don't do the colours much justice, but you get a good idea of the sunshine radiance this is going to add to your face, even if you don't tan.

It's very pigmented and blends beautifully, so a little goes a long way

Below I have Bermuda on.

It's definately become a new favourite product and I'm going to enjoy wearing it over the summer months without having fair skin guilt.

Thank you Bobbi Brown.
My Hero.

What summer products are you loving at the moment?

Do you embrace your natural skin tone, or tan it up?