Monday, 13 July 2015

Spot On

Whether you suffer round the clock from problem skin, or get the monthly outbreak, it's always handy to keep a product or two to keep spots at bay, or target them when they erupt regardless.

Here are two products I've been trying out to help keep pesky spots at bay.

First is Aveda Botanical Kinetics exfoliant; you all know I love a liquid exfoliator, and I was on the look out for a new salicylic toner as I was currently only using Clinique mild clarifying toner and I like to alternate.

So when I saw not only Caroline Hirons but also Sali Hughes stated their love for it on Sali's In The Bathroom series, I knew it was missing from my life.

This is the first Aveda product I had ever purchased too; obviously I've heard lots of great things about the brand, but somehow had never picked any of their things up!

So what makes this good for busting spots?

Salicylic acid; which I have mentioned numerous times already on my blog- and in this post! It is a BHA which is oil soluble so it can get into your pores (unlike traditional 'scrub' exfoliators) and clear them out. Woo hoo.

Witch hazel; most people know witch hazel is used in lots of spot treatments because of it's astringent, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so thats why it is perfect in this product.

I love products which have key ingredients but are not pushed into the market for a certain skin type of condition, which this perfectly is!

Although this exfoliator is suitable for everyone, because it has denatured alcohol (alcohol denat.) it could possibly be drying for people with a drier skin type. But if that certain time of the month brings unfriendly pimples, using it once or twice a week will do no harm.

The second product I picked up was also recommended by Sali Hughes in her 50 best buys under £20; Origins Super Spot Remover.

Since Clarins discontinued their blemish control (sob sob) I had been looking for a replacement for a spot salvation product.

This is to be used as a targeted treatment, also containing salicylic acid and witch hazel which we have established as spot busting heroes, it also has Caffeine and red algae which calms skin and redness, which I definately suffer with.

Although the Super Spot Remover definitely tamed any time of the month spots, from red-under-the-surface demons to whiteheads, but I wouldn't say it removed them either. It was useful in a time of blemish crisis, but only needs to be used very moderately as I would feel drying if used excessively. 


Have you used either of these products?

What products do you use to tame blemishes?

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