Monday, 6 July 2015

First half '15 Favourites

Can you believe it's July already? Madness!

I thought I'd share with you a few products I've been loving in the first half of 2015, I'm trying not to repeat myself, so there are lots of products not included in this favourites which have featured previously on Pocket full of bobby pins which I still obviously love, but I wanted to avoid sounding like a broken record!

First up OGX shampoo and conditioner. I bought my first one, Kukui oil, when I went on my honeymoon in April, the conditioner is still going, but that shampoo has been used up as my husband used it too. Jammy so 'n so.

I've since loaded up on them every time I see them on offer, often in Boots or Waitrose, so I have a hefty backup stash already. They're sulphate free, so gentle on your hair and they all smell amazing. I've heard the coconut one is popular, but I can't stand the smell. Blergh.

I feel you can't go wrong with these, they have ones for all types of hair and I am currently trialling some of their other hair products to see if they are as good as the shampoos and conditioners; So watch this space.

My only other drugstore product is the Garnier Micellar water. I've seen lots of people use the 'pink' version of this, which is for dry/sensitive skin. The 'green' one is combination/sensitive, so naturally I went for this one.

Just to be clear- I do not use this as my facial cleanser.

I generally use it as an eye makeup remover, or to correct any mistakes (I'm talking to you, eyeliner)

I'm quite anal when it comes to washing my face, and I really don't think this would thoroughly cleanse your face to remove all makeup residue/ pollution/ SPF at the end of the day. I suppose it would suffice at a festival when you obviously wouldn't have the ability to do a hot cloth cleanse.

What ever you use it for, it is a great product; extremely gentle, even on heavy eye makeup and a matte lipstick, and obviously great value. There is something hugely satisfying about holding a big weighty bottle, possibly because so many high-end products are small and dainty. I've had this three months and only used a quarter of the bottle.

I'm definately a skin care over makeup kind of gal, but makeup is obviously a necessity.

I feel like the search for the perfect mascara (and foundation) will never be over, but Chanel Le Volume mascara could be a contender. 

Normally I'm not overly focused on what the mascara wand looks like, whether it's a soft brush or silicone. But that is definately what I liked about this product; it's great for getting a good amount of product on the applicator, and it's extremely black. Which I loved! It was great to layer and build up and the brush is ideal for getting separate lashes but lots of volume too.


My only other makeup favourite is the Smashbox photo filter powder. I bought this on a whim after buying the Studio Skin foundation, the consultant put some on me as I like a bit of powder over my foundation. She told me it gives you an 'Instagram filter' effect on your skin. I was dubious at first, but I thought my MAC powder needed replacing, so I took the plunge.

Initially I was using it with my regular powder brush and like it just as much as any other powder really. Then one day I needed a quick cover up as I was quickly popping to the shops but didn't want to put on a full face, and I remembered the consultant saying about the sponge which comes with the powder, normally I'm not a fan of sponge applicators- I don't even have a beauty blender- but needs must.

Oh my gosh, I wish I'd used it from the beginning! It softens all your features, which I guess is the 'filter' effect, and the coverage is amazing, and I like a full coverage. I rave about this powder to everyone. Definately one of my game changer products.

Liquid Gold, I used initially about two years ago, when I was getting desperate with my skin and I'd heard good things about it. But it was far, far to premature.

Now that my skin is under control, and I am trying to reduce my acne scaring, I repurchased, and I feel it now lives up to the hype, and I am always keen to disagree with products which have been over glorified. 

I use it every other evening, and when I wake up my skin always looks clearer and brighter. It's always so tempting to use it every night, but I don't want to over sensitise my skin. 


Speaking of which, it's really important to wear a daily sunscreen, especially whilst using products with AHAs or BHAs, which I am a huge fan of. I mentioned in my previous post that I use sun protection separate to foundation, and this is it; UV plus. It has SPF 50, which may seem high to a lot of people, but protecting my skin from UVA and UVB rays is more important to me than any tan.

I put a couple of drops of this over my moisturiser, a little goes such a long way, it's oil free and so light weight it doesn't make my makeup slide of my skin like a regular sun screen would. I wouldn't be without it.

My penultimate favourite I've wanted to get my hands on for ages!

Everyone went mad for the Clarins Lip Oil when it was first launched, and I actually bought two as gifts, and not one for myself!

But now I finally have one of my own; I am the worst for biting and chewing on my lips, and one quick application of this before I go to bed lets me wake up with soft, smooth lips.

The applicator is defiantly what makes this product. The formula looks a bit sticky and gloopy, but somehow this magic wand glides the oil onto your lips and it melts in.

Last, but not least is Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf.

I always think fragrances are hard to do in blog posts, because smells are very personal. Even earlier I said I didn't like coconut, which is always a summer favourite, and I'm sure many people wont be a fan of this scent.

When choosing my wedding wedding fragrance it was between this and La Vie Est belle by Lancome. In the end I went with the latter, but later on I also bought Flowerbomb, because I still really liked it! 

Only when writing this blog post did I look up what the notes were do I see why I was drawn to it so much;
Top notes; bergamot and tea (well I love tea)
Heart notes; Jasmine (one of my favourite scents), freesia and orchid
Base notes; Centiflora rose and patchouli.

All these are right up my street, if they are yours too, I highly recommend you have a spritz next time you walk past a perfume section.


So those are all my January-June favourites

What products have you been loving in the beginning of 2015?

Do you think I should try the beauty blender, will that surprise me too?

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