Monday, 11 May 2015

(Another) Skin Update

So a little over a year ago I did a post update on how my awful irrational skin had improved to a slightly more manageable state.

And me being the eagerly presumptuous person that I am thought you might all like to know how me and my skin are doing.

I think the easiest way to tell you is just to show you the pictures...

So above is the picture I posted last year on my blog when I was just starting to get to grips with controlling and understanding my skin.

And below is my skin now...

As you can see, it's far from perfect. But I'm surprised myself how much of an improvement there has been! Especially compared to the first picture.

I guess the key to my progress is investing in products for your skin. That certainly doesn't mean spending a fortune on skin care, just do research, read blogs, articles and reviews. Find out what works for your skin.

Also, your skin takes time to heal, repair and adjust to new products. No product, I repeat NO PRODUCT is a miracle cure that will give you 100% improvement overnight. Allow your skin time to reap the benefits of the glorious ingredients from your products.

I may do another post with my 'current skin care routine' and I'm trying to keep these posts short and concise! 

But that's all for now.

See you later peeps