Thursday, 10 April 2014

Essentials Haul

Do you ever seem to run out of all your essential everyday products around the same time? It's a bit of a pain, but I went on a bit of an essentials haul, and as I don't normally share me day-to-day products on pocket-full of bobby pins, I thought I would show you the foundations of my cosmetics.

(Left to right)

I normally go for the Harley Street Base coat as my nails a ridged and it is amazing at smoothing them out for an even colour application, but as I've been wearing gels a lot recently, but nails aren't in the best condition so I opted for the A&E base coat which has vitamins and proteins in to help restore the nail.
It was paired with Albert Bridge top coat, which I'm hoping is as good as the Kensington Caviar topcoat, because I swear by that for chip free nails. So although these particular products are new for me, I always trust Nails Inc for my base and top coats which I needed to replace.

Natural Collection White Eye Liner
 (couldn't find online link)
Although I've been wanting to get a off-white/ cream eyeliner to use on my waterline, these are actually to use with my IPL to mark out guide lines to ensure all areas are covered. These two pencils should last me about five or six sessions sessions.

I have never really come across a nail varnish remover I thought exceeded any other, and because I need to replace them so frequently, I try to keep to lower priced ones. I think this is £1.35, bargin.

Previously I've had the Mac brush cleaner, but as boots had a 3 for 2 offer on, I wasn't going to turn down a opportunity to save money. I have yet to use it yet, as I tend to clean my brushes at the weekend, but No7 are renowned for quality products, and the brush cleaner is Hypo-allergenic too.

This is the second time I have bought this specific Eucerin moisturiser, I was so happy when they brought this product out as it has SPF 30, where as the one I was using previously had no SPF. I don't think the moisturiser has particularly improved my skins condition, as I mostly just have acne scars, but it it good at keeping spots at bay, and is gentle enough to compliment the rest of my skin care routine. I also like that is had a hygienic pump, rather than in a pot.

(The link is to the regular paddle brush, mine is the large, but was not online)
My original paddle brush went walk about over a year ago, and I thought when we were packing to move I would stumble across it, but I never did, and have only just got round to purchasing a new one. I've always trusted in the quality of Denman brushes after I once bought a Primark brush and a tangle ripped the handle off (whoops). I have a few other of their brushes including the back combing brush and tangle tamer.

This was my one splurge product. With some of my birthday money, I thought I would treat myself to a decent powder, although it wasn't the most exciting product to buy from Mac, it was very hard not to buy one of the lipsticks I was testing on my hand, I am trying to save the rest of my money for some facials.

What essential products do you always go back for?

Do you ever feel like all your products run out at the same time?