Thursday, 13 March 2014

Whats On My Dresser

I've recently moved back to the town where I grew up (bye bye London), and although I miss many things about living in the city, I have gained a lot more living space returning to Sussex, along with a lovely dresser courtesy of my future Mother in Law.

Up until now I've never been able to do a 'Whats on my dresser' post as my various cosmetics have been scattered around my room or crammed in to a drawer looking like an utter mess, so I thought I'd share my new pride and joy with you :-)

So here it is!

I'm normally a rather messy-room person, but I have taken a lot of time and care into keeping my new dresser tidy. I try to keep only the essentials out as to not cause too much clutter, and it's easier to keep neat that way.

Yes I did make our bed especially for the photos, although in our defence we were up and out quite early as we were car shopping. A hefty investment living in the countryside- no night buses here, sob sob.

My jewellery tree I got from  my Sister in law a few Christmas's ago, and I love it for keeping all my favourite and more delicate pieces on. The red spotty print is right up my street, and I love how I can display my most treasured items without having to constantly wear them.

My best loved pieces are my Pandora bracelet, which almost everyone I love has bought me a charm for; and my 21 heart-key necklace which was a gift for my twenty-first birthday.

These products are the ones I use most regularly, and the cheaper alternatives to products I've used in the past (as I'm trying to save a few pennies). 

I'm not going to expand on what the products are as they are not of great interest; moisturiser/day cream, night cream, face oil, micellar cleansing water, deodorant, vitamins and my one luxury product at the moment- Darphins balm which I apply on my lips before bed for a super nourishing treatment!

My favourite section of my dresser- Fragrances! (Notice the cute little heart dish I also got for my twenty-first, adorable!)

I only have three fragrances as the moment, but I definately want to expand my collection, I love choosing a scent to compliment my mood, my outfit or even the weather!

In my accumulation so far is Benefit - Gina, I'd wished I'd saved the box for this as it's an adorable little house and helps the fragrance last longer. I also have the miniature which is great for my handbag.

Dolce and Gabanna - Intense, which featured in my wishlist post and I ended up treating my self too.

Last but not least Dior - Miss Dior EDT, my Mum bought this for me when she went on holiday at the airport (good ol' Mum) and when I left my old job they gave me the miniature EDP which is in the box behind. It's such a sweet box I should really include a picture of it...

I'm such a sucker for packaging!

I should also quickly mention in the pictures above is a dermaflannel which I got for my birthday but have yet to try out!

Finally the last section of my dresser; my wicker basket.

It has a few odd and ends in it like nail varnish remover and dry shampoo, along with my everyday make up and essentials like cotton pads and buds.

My makeup brushes I keep in a drawer as they caused too much clutter, and I'm going to do another 'whats in my drawers' post so you can have another good old nosey through my stuff!

Where do you keep your everyday go-to items?

Are you a neat freak or are your cosmetics a cluttered chaos?