Monday, 2 December 2013

Affordable Home Made Christmas Presents: Cinnamon Candle

Here is my second post on easy peasy Christmas presents which wont break your budget and actually look pretty good.

For this gift the requirements are minimum.

What You Will Need
(this made one candle approx 9cm high and 7cm across)

1 Candle, I chose a festive red (Butlers £1.99)
3 x Jars Cinnamon Sticks, (they came in jars of 4 in Sainsbury)
Sharp Knife
PVA Glue
Elastic Bands

Please take caution whilst using the sharp knife

Never leave a burning candle unattended

I started by cutting the cinnamon sticks in half, obviously as accurately as you can, but a slight un-evenness would give it a rustic home made feel.

I then poured a blob of PVA glue onto a scrap piece of paper, then slid the flattest side of the cinnamon sicks through the glue (or if you want to be neat, use a old paint brush)

Position the cinnamon sticks around the bottom half of the candle.
I'd advice you place the candle on some scrap paper too, so if excess glue seeps through if will stick to the paper and not your work top.

Once you have gone round the entire candle, I held them in place with a couple of elastic bands.

Leave over night for the glue to completely dry (12 hours)

To finish, I glued some festive ribbon around the cinnamon sticks
(I also held this in place with an elastic band until the glue had dried)

Would you like to receive a home made Christmas gift?