Thursday, 20 March 2014

Whats In My Drawers - Part One

Last week I promised you a 'whats in my drawer' post to continue on from 'whats on my dresser' so here it is!

In the top drawer of my dresser I have my abundance of makeup brushes in a old Glossy Box box. It was actually my first (and last) one, I wasn't very impressed with them...

I have a varied collection of brushes from Real Techniques, mainly for base/ foundation.

The bulk of my brushes are from Illamasqua, but I have a few Fearne Cotton double ended brushes I got a few christmas ago, but have only started using recently.

I also have a few Mac eye brushes and two from The Body Shop as well as a handful from previous jobs.

Along side my brushes I have eye lash curlers, hair ties, some attachments for my hairdryer and in the blue cosmetics bag are bobby pins, hair pins and slides. Talk about organisation!

In the next drawer down is where I keep the camera that I use to take the pictures for my blog.

The final drawer in my dresser is where I keep my IPL and gel nail systems.

I also keep the gel nail colours in here (separate from my regular polish, as they react to UV light)

I only have a small collection currently, but hope to get more soon for the summer.

In the bottom drawer of my bedside table I keep all my college equipment, like my wax-pot, disposable gloves, mani and pedi tools as well as facial and eye treatment products.

Part two of whats in my drawers will be coming next week, if you're not draw-ed out check it out!

What do you keep in your drawers?

Or do you prefer to have everything out where you can see it?