Friday, 16 August 2013

Back to Basics: The not-quite-a-review review

A few months ago when I started blogging I realised I really had to up my game when came to skin care.

I invested in the legendary Emma Hardy cleansing balm, but when it came to the add ons I felt a bit lost as to what actually was best for my troubled skin.

I had read reviews and recommendations of various products on other blogs, but no one seemed to to have skin as bad as mine so when they claimed their time-of-the-month blemishes cleared up quickly, I couldn't help but feel they would have disappeared in due course regardless of their skin care routine.

I went into a Space NK branch down the road from my college and expressed how frustrated I was still suffering from teenage skin.

I ruled out anything that could be aggravating my skin such as diet (I had cut out dairy, which is renowned for upsetting skin, and no improvement) products such as makeup; but I had been suffering from troubled skin before I'd started wearing makeup, let alone decent makeup, plus I don't wear it everyday, or anything else which may irritate my skin like hair or excessively touching it. I do have a fringe, but I don't suffer at all from blemishes on my forehead it is mainly along my jawline, cheeks and neck, so I don't believe any of these things contribute to the state of my skin.

(Oh and I also drink lots of water and not that much alcohol)

Once those factors had been ruled out I was told to try two products (along side my cleanser) to calm my skin down and help improve renewal and healing of skin, as well as keeping it hydrated and nourished.

Both products are from the Zelens range (pricey, but I was willing to forgo the expenditure for better skin).

The first product was the Resurfacing Facial Pads, which are designed to gently exfoliate sensitive skin, avoiding harsh grains which can aggravate the skin, as well as having anti-bacterial properties, help cell renewal for faster healing.

These were to be used after a night time cleanse, followed by no night cream.

The other product was Z Matrix Moisture Infusion which is a gel-moisturiser, and supposedly helps draw water to the surface of the skin so it stays hydrated and receives the nourishment it needs.
It is actually a lovely product to use because of the gel texture, and it is cooling for sensitive skin, but I don't think it is worth it's price-tag.

I was told to splash my face with water in the morning (to retain all the goodness from the resurfacing facial pad the night before) then apply the z matrix moisture infusion as a moisturiser afterward.

I was told to use the product for around three months to begin to see any improvement, and I accept that these things take time. So far i've been using it for eight weeks...

I'm a bit stuck on what I have to say about my new skin care routine. My skin definately hasn't worsened, nor has the appearance improved. I would say it is smoother, and much less bumpy, and it doesn't feel as itchy or sore like it was before.

I think what bothers me is the redness, as I've found that so difficult to disguise. Even with a great concealer, it still looks pinky, and Estee Lauder have just discontinued my shade in their camouflage makeup range, but are apparently bringing out a new concealer, so that better be good!

So maybe this is a 'to be continued' post as I'm determined to find something that works for me. In the mean time I will continue to pursue my current routine in the hope I will get some results. Watch this space! 

If any one has any tips or products they would like to recommend I would be open to options.

Has anyone found any 'holy grail' skin care products?