Thursday, 31 October 2013

Products I wont be buying again...

This is an exfoliating cleanser, which comes in a powder form, when added with water creates a 'light froth' which you then use to cleanse your face.

It promises to "reveal brighter, smoother, younger-looking skin, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, and remarkably smaller-looking pores". I wasn't exactly concerned about the anti-aging properties of the product, but I'm always sold on pore reducing products as I feel that an issue with my skin.

I also was intrigued by how it could be used as an exfoliating mask without the use of a scrub, as some times the granules can make my skin very sensitive.

After prolonged use, I have to admit, I felt this product lived up to none of it's promises, and has been sat on the shelf in my bathroom for quite some time now...

I was unsure how much of the product to use, and as it was nearly £20, I didn't want to be using excessive amounts, although small quantities didn't feel as though it was cleaning my face thoroughly.

I also prefer a cleanser which can remove my make up as well, and this didn't seem to be very successful at doing so, adding to my doubts as to what this product was actually doing for my skin.

Next up is a high coverage foundation. I bought this as a cheaper alternative to my usual Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation.

People seem to rave about this online being good for cover up, which appealed to me as I have problem skin. 

The range of colours is very limited (unlike the double wear) and I opted for the lightest shade (Opal 15), and even this was hardly a great match for my skin. I was slightly disappointed with the limited choice as it seems like a specialist product for camouflage makeup.

It blended ok with a real techniques stippling brush, but it promised to not be 'mask-like' and have a natural finish, which I didn't really feel it had.

It also promised a "flawless 16-hour coverage" which is certainly didn't have! I do suffer from a oily t-zone, but as this is a cover-up product, surely it should know its consumers would have this type of skin?

After only a few hours the product on my t-zone had melted away and gone patchy and slimey, and I had to make an emergency trip to a department store to use some Double Wear for the rest of the day.

Not cool Vichy.

Having said that, some of their products I really do like, the Ultra corrective cream stick is good for cover up on my cheeks and their Normaderm Night cream is great at reducing redness from spots.

Last but not least, collection 2000 mascara.

I'm not sure whether to blame myself for this purchase or not. My mascara ran out, and it wasn't quite pay-day, so I thought I could last a week or so on some cheaper mascara. Without doing any research picked up this from Boots.

My lashes are already kinda long and curly, so don't need an awful lot of support, so my expectations are pretty low when it comes to mascara. But this isn't really about the effects of the mascara, its about the product before I'd even used it.

Far too much product came out on the brush, and it was hard to scrape it off on the edge on the tube, which created a gloopy mess (and if I'd continued to use it would probably have prevented it closing properly and dried up the remaining product).

Next, the brush is unnecessarily big, I know big brushes are everywhere, but surely its size can only improve the application so much, then it's just excessive?

For under a fiver, it is what I'd expect, and maybe I should have dipped into my overdraft to buy a decent mascara after all...

What beauty buys have you been disappointed with?
Which ones have unexpectedly surprised you?